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HZ A35 Terminal Emulator

HZ is a extended terminal emulation package designed to be used with Reliance Electric AutoMate™ 35 Programmable Controllers. In addition to the traditional keyboard transmission and screen display functions, it features many extensions specifically aimed at use with PLC systems.

HZ supports most of the Hazeltine *ESPRIT* protocol, plus extensions. Designed to support online programming and monitoring, it is completely compatible with the AutoMate 35 (Version 3.5 and later). When used with the A35, HZ can save and load application programs to IBM PC disk files.

The A35 Terminal Emulator has also been tailored to function as an Operator Device. Using simple three- and four-byte command sequences, the PLC can direct HZ to perform complex operations that would require large quantities of application programming on a "dumb terminal."

For example, by sending a total of twelve bytes, the AutoMate could instruct HZ to retrieve an operator-input screen image stored on the IBM PC's disk storage, perform "local" full-screen editing until the operator presses <Enter>, and then download the edited data.

Some of HZ's capabilities include:

  • User-selectable screen display colors and communications parameters.
  • Capture A35 output to printer or disk file.
  • Application program transfer to and from the AutoMate 35 (Version 3.5 or later). Transfers can be done directly (Port 1) or in "STR-LINK" mode, which causes HZ to emulate the STR-LINK data recorder.
  • Remotely selectable screen display colors.
  • Display screen image from disk file (for operator input functions).
  • "Local" editing. In "local editing" mode, HZ allows the operator to alter editing fields previously placed on the screen by the PLC (or from a disk screen image). Nothing is transmitted to the PLC until the operator presses <Enter> or <Esc>.
  • Both user and PLC can copy or divert output to a printer or disk
  • "Visible typeahead" mode, which permits the user to see and edit input before sending it to the A35's typeahead buffer. This is especially targeted at A35 Statement Mode editing, which can be frustratingly slow to respond.
HZ A35 Terminal Emulator Users Guide View the HZ A35 Terminal Emulator User's Guide (68KB). Please note that the copy protection mentioned in the HZ User Guide is no longer used.
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Pricing and Availability

HZ is available in 5.25 or 3.5 inch formats for the IBM PC/XT/AT family and 100% compatibles for US $295. It is shipped with manual and cable, and is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. Operation under DOS (as opposed to Windows) is recommended for A35 program transmissions.

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