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ACS PLC products

Welcome to the ACS PLC products home page. This site describes some of the off-the-shelf products that Automation Consulting Services provides for programmable controller users:

The AutoMate™ Programming System, a complete programmer/documenter for Reliance AutoMate PLCs.
AutoMate Communications Driver AutoMate Communications Driver
A library that lets you develop applications (in Visual Basic, for example) that communicate with AutoMate PLCs.
MODBUS Communications Driver MODBUS™ Communications Driver
Similar to the AutoMate Communications Driver, the MODBUS driver library lets your application programs communicate with PLCs (and other devices) that understand the MODBUS RTU protocol.
Automate 35 Terminal Emulator HZ A35 Terminal Emulator
A program that enables a PC to replace the Hazeltine Esprit terminal and STR-LINK data recorder normally used with AutoMate 35 PLCs.

About the Company

ACS has been developing custom hardware and software solutions for industry since 1984. We have experience in a wide range of process monitoring, data acquisition, and networking fields.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please don't hesitate to send us e-mail.

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